31 Maret 2011

Owl City - Designer Skyline Lyrics

Ini dia lagu yang menjadi favorit FIANZONER, Owl City "Designer Skyline" merupakan lagu yang menentramkan jiwa. Lagu ini sangat cocok untuk kita dengar saat merenung atau menenangkan diri. Biarlah alam menyatu dengan tubuh dan jiwa kita. Santai dan tenangkan diri sambut hari esok yang lebih baik. Semoga Anda menyukainya :)

Owl City - Designer Skyline

Affection, the gifted architect,
Is making a draft and beautiful design
The options and possibilities
Are endless when we connect and re-align

Collections of books and documents

Arise and parade around my cluttered desk
Reworking the math and measurements
Until I'm convinced these plans are picturesque
Like mountains in the Midwest

Reaction creates the columns dark

And wide like the roads around Fort Lauderdale
The structures begin to take their shape
Before I've designed the public monorail

The turnpike and high-speed motorway

Connect and enclose the quaint suburban streets
The airport, the broad suspension bridge
The lake and the beach where several rivers meet
Compounded from the spreadsheet

A city sparkles in the night

How can it glow so bright?
The neighborhoods surround the soft florescent light
Designer skyline in my head
Abstract and still well-read
You went from numbered lines to buildings overhead 


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